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Going to sleep after a great day in Amsterdam. First the excursion to the adult playground WONDR (the teddy bear room 🐻!) and then a super edition of Club ABDL (100 people present!). Had so much fun. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!
Nice to finally meet @abenjaminbutton and @KyleJ . Enchanté de faire votre connaissance @Ababyboy et @Sotiger .
Special huggies to @amsterdad @spacetiger @james @Littleivo @Littleboyrami @Davey_the_brat
Miss you all already! Nite nite everyone 🤗

Had an amazing afternoon at the adult playground WONDR in Amsterdam today! Two daddies and fourteen littles took over the place 😝 Amazing ball pit and huge teddy cuddle wall (my friend @Davey_the_brat and me) and so many more fun things. And now the Xmas edition of Club ABDL still has to start...😄

Packing for Amsterdam. Hope I didn't forget anything...
Looking forward to meeting friends again and having fun at Sunday's Club ABDL.

Being sick at home sucks... But the long-awaited arrival of my new ODU onesie makes things better 🙂 (Thanks for the advice @BabyDavid 😉)

To all the littles that dream of having corduroy overalls, good news!!! Bershka has a pair again in the new winter collection.

Didn't manage to order online yet, but I might drop by a store nearby very soon 😀

Got home way after midnight after a long train ride back from Amsterdam where I attended another great edition of Club ABDL (under supervision of @amsterdad).
Thank you so much Chris, Wesley, @Emma and all others who's names I don't know, for making this possible. ❤️
Already counting down to the December karaoke edition, when a lot of our British friends will come over again too! 🎤
Huggies to my play friends @087orion @Bernd1980 @truefurr and my newly made friend @Davey_the_brat 🤗

Thankies for the wonderful weekend @amsterdad ! 🥰 I felt so safe and warm in your arms. Colouring and playing with the duckies in the bath tub was so much fun.
I really hope I can come again sometime, I promise to be good 😇

Had a wonderful time at Club Luier's annual picnic in Amsterdam the other week. I'm a bit late posting this, but thanks to @Emma and @kinesecd for making it all happen 🤗

It was a super hot day for padded littles, but @spacetiger kept me hydrated and opted for shorts over the planned shortalls to keep me cool. I did show-off my new choo choo t-shirt 🚂

I had a lovely card and candle (on a stroopwafel) from @overalls9050 signed by loads of lovely people to celebrate's first birthday 🥳

Anyone else watching the new Netflix series “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”? The older littles may remember the original movie from the eighties. It’s beautiful but a bit scary sometimes.

☀️ “Last Sunday was really great! I went (properly padded of course) to the ABDL picnic at Vondelpark in Amsterdam. It was really nice to catch up with some friends and meeting new ones. At some point i needed a little help from @amsterdad and @spacetiger climbing the trees with @james. Two daddies helping me out, lucky me! 👦🏻 Anyway, everyone was amazing so i was glad to be out there!” 🧺

Hi everybody, I have two giveaways, AB clothing in wrong sizes for me. If you're coming to the Amsterdam picnic next week, I can bring them for you. Just send me a direct message.

1. Kiddo cars onesie XXL, fits XL. For the bigger littles 😉

2. Privatina plastic pants with terry blue outer lining S, but really fits only XS (jeans size 28 or so). For the smaller littles 😉

Have a nice Sunday afternoon 🤗

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Starting my countdown to the Amsterdam picnic! Only 🖐️ 🖐️ more sleepies and we'll meet up for a nice afternoon in Vondelpark. Thankies to @Emma and @kinesecd for organising.
Who else is coming? Who else will be wearing a striped T-shirt and shortalls? 😜

I was daddy’s little helper today 😀 When I’ll be big I want to be an engineer 🔧
Relaxing on the terrace afterwards 😊

Pooring rain in Berlin, so I went to the Mall of Berlin to play on this impressive slide, only to find out it was closed. Bummers. 😢

OK folks, I need some help. Can you recommend some sites that explain how it is/feels to be an AB “for dummies”? Had some really tough discussions with my non-ABDL and not very supportive bf tonight. Seems like we don’t understand each other on the issue. Thanks!

Over 300 users are listed on 🎉

Will hopefully have some time to bring some new features and improvements to it soon 😀

It’s one of those rare occasions, being on a business trip and finding a big brother nearby who’s willing to cuddle and help me with my night diaper. 😀 This little one will sleep safe and snug tonight. 😴 Thanks big bro!

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