@abenjaminbutton And it looks like your peepee was pointing upwards… 😬🙈

@LittleOwl22 That’s the kind of thing big boys do 😉 Hope you enjoyed it.

@LittleOwl22 Cool, dressing up like a big boy today. Going somewhere?

@bilbo_uk Barely noticable under your cool big boy undies 😉

The ABU Little Kings diapers look great. They are exclusive to japan.

@Gregor @megamindfreak They look super cute, old school Pampers indeed 😊 Crossing fingers they will come to Europe as well.

@subbysootherboy No pretending, you are the coolest kid in daycare 😎

@Kyldexx No daycare today? Or did you have Fortnite day at daycare? 😉

Owww... @Kyldexx , did you bring a spare one to daycare? Anyone there to change you?

@Kiddyscord Looks more like “Le hameau des géants” to me 😉

@megamindfreak What a naughty foxie, triggering you to make stickies 😈

Hey @denoteboom13 Yes, do ask Santa to bring you a magic wand! It’s an amazing toy 😝 I’m a fan 😉

@DL029 How did the travels go today? Were you padded or not? Did you already pick up your order? @mHabdl

@DL029 You can always consider to take a nappy in hand luggage and pad up after the security check, no? At least, nice perspectives ahead with holidays coming up!

@DL029 Wouldn’t it be more convenient to fly padded too? No dirty airplane toilets for you then 😉

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