I didn’t want to wait any longer for Club ABDL to re-open to return to Amsterdam. It was nice to be back in the city and meet up with old friends and make new ones. Safely padded and in my dungarees I explored the cool Nxt Museum on digital art. I blended in very well 😉 I hope to be back soon again!

I slept in today and woke up in a dry bed like a big boy 😊 * proud *

First time waking up Under the Sea 🐙 🦈 They are cool and comfy diapers :diaper_wet: 😊

To all the littles that dream of having corduroy overalls, check out Zara's new Autumn Winter collection 😊

Today is Father's Day in my country. But to me it's also Daddy's Day, celebrating those who selflessly look after us, take care of us, cuddle us, comfort us and change our diapers. Thankies Daddies 🤗

I was supposed to stay over with @amsterdad this weekend and we would do a lot of fun things together, including going to Club ABDL to meet other littles. But you all know what happened in the meantime... I hope we can catch up for the lost time soon Daddy! Miss you! 😘

Essential online shopping in times of lockdown... 🙈 A belated birthday present. Being a pretty naughty boy lately 😬
(PS This thing is amazing 😈 )

Feeling such a good boy today 😊 :diaper_wet:

( Thanks for the inspiration, @Pastelcrinkleboy )

Boy tights and knitted socks keep this toddler boy warm on a rainy day 😊

Going to sleep after a great day in Amsterdam. First the excursion to the adult playground WONDR (the teddy bear room 🐻!) and then a super edition of Club ABDL (100 people present!). Had so much fun. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!
Nice to finally meet @abenjaminbutton and @KyleJ . Enchanté de faire votre connaissance @Ababyboy et @Sotiger .
Special huggies to @amsterdad @spacetiger @james @Littleivo @Littleboyrami @Davey_the_brat
Miss you all already! Nite nite everyone 🤗

Had an amazing afternoon at the adult playground WONDR in Amsterdam today! Two daddies and fourteen littles took over the place 😝 Amazing ball pit and huge teddy cuddle wall (my friend @Davey_the_brat and me) and so many more fun things. And now the Xmas edition of Club ABDL still has to start...😄

Packing for Amsterdam. Hope I didn't forget anything...
Looking forward to meeting friends again and having fun at Sunday's Club ABDL.

Being sick at home sucks... But the long-awaited arrival of my new ODU onesie makes things better 🙂 (Thanks for the advice @BabyDavid 😉)

To all the littles that dream of having corduroy overalls, good news!!! Bershka has a pair again in the new winter collection.


Didn't manage to order online yet, but I might drop by a store nearby very soon 😀

Thankies for the wonderful weekend @amsterdad ! 🥰 I felt so safe and warm in your arms. Colouring and playing with the duckies in the bath tub was so much fun.
I really hope I can come again sometime, I promise to be good 😇

Hi everybody, I have two giveaways, AB clothing in wrong sizes for me. If you're coming to the Amsterdam picnic next week, I can bring them for you. Just send me a direct message.

1. Kiddo cars onesie XXL, fits XL. For the bigger littles 😉

2. Privatina plastic pants with terry blue outer lining S, but really fits only XS (jeans size 28 or so). For the smaller littles 😉

Have a nice Sunday afternoon 🤗

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I was daddy’s little helper today 😀 When I’ll be big I want to be an engineer 🔧
Relaxing on the terrace afterwards 😊

Pooring rain in Berlin, so I went to the Mall of Berlin to play on this impressive slide, only to find out it was closed. Bummers. 😢

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