One year ago I had this amazing Sunday in Amsterdam. We visited an adult playground and had the Club Luier Xmas Party. By now it feels like it's a decade ago... I miss meeting my friends and having fun together. Being a little in lockdown sucks...

I really hope we can have ABDL socials again in 2021. Can't wait to see you all again. Stay safe everyone. Huggies 🤗

@overalls9050 Being whatever in lockdown sucks 😩

Better times are coming though.
I had a few dark months, but it's getting better.

WONDR looks great!! My gf promised to take me there one day! Not sure if I should go padded ^^

@littlebelgianprince Of course you should go padded! We all were! And several of us were wearing overalls too 😊 People asked us if we were having a bachelor party. Kind of... 😜

@overalls9050 "Y-yeah... A bachelor party. And there's a prize for most realistic toddler. Although I don't like dressing up, I really want to win the prize. I'm very competitive." Or something.

@littlebelgianprince At least it helped being in a group to overcome being shy about the outfits. I think it’s nice to dress up for going to a playground, no? 😉 It was a cool afternoon, you should really go there when it re-opens again!

@overalls9050 Things will change, kiddos. And soon. Hold on just a little longer!

@overalls9050 I can’t believe this was a year ago already 😢
But be strong, and we will have more little adventures yet!
In the mean time, virtual hugs for all 🤗

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