Boy tights and knitted socks keep this toddler boy warm on a rainy day 😊

@overalls9050 reminds me of the socks my grandma knitted for me when I was (physically) little 🥰

@chwefror21 Well, seems like there are still grannies somewhere knitting them for the big toddlers. That’s so very nice of them 😊

@overalls9050 It's a pity she's not there any more but in my memory these socks where always very itchy 😍

@overalls9050 These socks are beyond adorable. Mind if you tell me where you got them? 🙂

Hey @littlekiddobaby , my Daddy found these knitted socks years ago on Etsy. No clue though which seller, sorry. Just have a look, maybe you'll find similar? Take care 🤗

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