Hey people. I’ll be in Berlin at the end of next week and might have some free time. Any ABDL related tips (and yes, I heard about Quälgeist being closed)? Or any daddy or bro who wants to cuddle (and change) this little boy? Just send me a direct toot.

No trains due to national strike. Home office today 😉 :diaper_wet:

It’s official now, i’m going to the ABDL Munch in Amsterdam next Sunday! This will be my very first abdl event ever.. so i am super excited but also really nervous. 😅

I know some of you in here will go as well, so feel free to DM me if you want to.

Hopefully i will see you there then! :blobaww:

Counting down to my first Club Luier meeting in Amsterdam in two weeks. Excited and a bit nervous too. :diaper_wet: Anyone else going there?

To those out there with a significant other who deals with depression, just know you aren't alone.
Sometimes things that you want and need get pushed aside and sometimes you feel like bringing up your own struggles will only drag them down so you bottle it up.
Sometimes things feel hopeless, like you can't get them to understand how much they mean to you or your needs are lacking the attention you need.
Just know that you aren't alone.


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