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Thanks @Littleivo , it looks like Japanese. Kawaii 😊 This is my cartoon, unfortunately no overalls/shortalls amongst the clothing options.

On my way home after a great weekend in Amsterdam, where I visited the ABDL kink party Corner Time. It was great to see old friends again and make new ones too 😊 Looking forward to the next edition on 3rd December. Who else is in? 😉

New IKEA storage solution for my stash. The Tjena (what's in a name) boxes are a perfect fit for big boy diapers 😊 :diaper_wet:

Feeling a bit blue today after spending the weekend in Amsterdam, where I met up for the first time in two years with a daddy and other ABDL boys. I hope to be back soon!

In my new babyblue corduroy shortalls. It's a perfect fit 😊 They are soft and I feel super cute 😍

@reddiaperbaby @bilbo_uk @landro @Bkid5 @littlebelgianprince

Just ordered myself these supercute babyblue corduroy shortalls 🙈 Can't wait for the delivery later on this week... 😍

Sigh. I remember fondly the old times back in -18 when I ditched tumblr and this place that was promising in giving a growing number of abdl’s from around the world, a safe abdl haven on its very own abdl-own servers and this place was teaming with activity.

Now I feel is not far from being dead as Myspace is today… 😑🪦 Such a great shame for the heart and soul that not only our admin and founder had put into it, but everyone else too, so far. May this place rise again! 🙏🏻

The ABU Little Kings diapers look great. They are exclusive to japan.

I didn’t want to wait any longer for Club ABDL to re-open to return to Amsterdam. It was nice to be back in the city and meet up with old friends and make new ones. Safely padded and in my dungarees I explored the cool Nxt Museum on digital art. I blended in very well 😉 I hope to be back soon again!

Woke up to a very wet diaper... Enjoyed a naughty Sunday morning 🙈

2 days ago an interview with a ABDL / little has been released by a well-known Dutch show 'Spuiten en Slikken'. Just found this by accident.

I love how open-heartedly and down to earth Maxx's story tells his story. A beautiful depiction of our 'lifestyle' 🙏

I slept in today and woke up in a dry bed like a big boy 😊 * proud *

First time waking up Under the Sea 🐙 🦈 They are cool and comfy diapers :diaper_wet: 😊

One year ago I had this amazing Sunday in Amsterdam. We visited an adult playground and had the Club Luier Xmas Party. By now it feels like it's a decade ago... I miss meeting my friends and having fun together. Being a little in lockdown sucks...

I really hope we can have ABDL socials again in 2021. Can't wait to see you all again. Stay safe everyone. Huggies 🤗

To all the littles that dream of having corduroy overalls, check out Zara's new Autumn Winter collection 😊

Happy 2nd birthday 🍼🧁🎉
Thankies to @james and team @support for making this platform possible. This place means a lot to me and to a lot of people here, especially in these strange times. Seems like we won’t be able to meet up for a birthday party this year, hopefully next year for a 3rd birthday toddler party 🙃
Take care and stay safe! 🤗

Today is Father's Day in my country. But to me it's also Daddy's Day, celebrating those who selflessly look after us, take care of us, cuddle us, comfort us and change our diapers. Thankies Daddies 🤗

I was supposed to stay over with @amsterdad this weekend and we would do a lot of fun things together, including going to Club ABDL to meet other littles. But you all know what happened in the meantime... I hope we can catch up for the lost time soon Daddy! Miss you! 😘

Pride month is here, and for many of us it’s panning out to be very different from how we imagined it to be.

The world today is not the world we imagined we would have just a few months ago. 🌎

Whatever you’re doing this month, stay safe 🤗 , stay strong 💪 , stay proud of who you are 🌈 , and above all, stay padded :diaper:

Essential online shopping in times of lockdown... 🙈 A belated birthday present. Being a pretty naughty boy lately 😬
(PS This thing is amazing 😈 )

Feeling such a good boy today 😊 :diaper_wet:

( Thanks for the inspiration, @Pastelcrinkleboy )

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