So I had an Instagram for like two days. I Hadn't uploaded any images, I was only following like 3 or 5 accounts (ABDL of course) and my profile pic was a Lego Snow Trooper. Woke up to notification that my sister-in-law's brother had followed me! I scrolled through who he follows and I didn't see any ABDL accounts, but I did see plenty of my family!!! So now my account is suspended with no intent to bring it back.

So I did use my regular email. I also forgot that Insta was owned by FB. I also specifically did not use the FB link option. I assume FB used that email to unofficially link me to my FB profile and then recommended my Insta to those who I am FB friends with. I don’t care if I don’t have an Insta account, but it’s BS that they would do that without clearly telling you and/or letting you opt out.

Did you use your email or phone number to sign up, intsa automatically matches people who know your phone number or email to you cause it's part of Facebook, if you wanna avoid this happening use a brand new email and skip giving them your phone number :)

@Charaldan It must be the email. I didn’t use my number. People haven’t private accounts for what ever reason isn’t new, there should be an option where you can use your email/number and not allow those connections.

@nx4459 I had a similar experience. No one ever said anything, but I deleted my account and if I do get back on insta it will be with a different email. 😳😳

@nx4459 Make sure it’s not linked to an email or number that also uses your vanilla social medias!

@nx4459 Privacy is hard. :-( The above recommendations are essential as a bare minimum.

@nx4459 you can block people on Instagram so they cannot follow you. I do that if someone follows me but has a private account or blank page.

@nx4459 did you used a email address or phone number that your family could know? Instagram asks to use your phone contacts to discover your friends.

@nx4459 I've heard Instagram are lethal like that.

@nx4459 That's...awful. Idk why there's an assumption with technology that everything has to be interconnected & synced. I guess plenty of people like that for the convenience aspect, but to me it seems invasive.

@nx4459 I’ve recently also created insta, just to check how fast my friends will find it. Didn’t even put an email address, just a phone number as id for registration, no any other marks that can lead to me. I even do not have fb account. And just after a week or so it was recommended to one of my friends. So better be careful with that shit, they know everything about you ;)

@nx4459 this is why you should always use a burner number and email address!

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