Daddy: lets get you changed before we have any leaks, good job Daddy put spare nappies in the rucksack.
Me: but what if someone sees?!
Daddy: don't worry about that little one, the sooner we get you into a fresh nappy, the sooner you can go back to playing with @Littleivo

Me: look Daddy, I’m a BAT! 🦇
Daddy: I think you missed out an ‘R’...

I didn't see this posted here yet. Just a heads up for y'all.

r/ABDL - XPmedical sent a letter to every address I've ever shipped dips to

49 votes and 25 comments so far on Reddit


I’m absolutely one of the sleepiest boys you will ever meet. 😅

Woke up this morning in a wet peekabu. Worked up the courage to make a first post.

When you’re on a hunt, bathroom breaks are not guaranteed.

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