Meet “Monkey”. He needs a better name though. I kind of like whimsical. I was contemplating either Curious or George in reference to Curious George obviously. Any other suggestions?

When the colors match for those good little vibes 👌💯

“Oh, Express underwear, how ver...lift your shirt up a little more. Don’t talk back, now lift that shirt up. That’s what I thought. You’re just trying to hide that fact that you’re a little boy who still needs thick diapers”.

Apparently @DaddyAlteran was hiding behind me taking pictures while I was taking pictures of Chiron! 😮 📸

Its going to rain so am not allowed to go on adventures :( instead am colouring and watching cartoons.

Psyduck!! I just hope I can keep him calm and prevent any headaches. That calls for LOTS of snuggles.

I had gotten ready for Pride, but everyone bailed on me :(

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