I love spring! Getting home from work and changing out of my soggy diaper and not wearing pants for the rest of the day.

wet mega max diaper 

Update: these northshore megamaxs are thirsty. All day use and and still no leaks. To bad the cost of them put them pretty close to the price per diaper to peekabus. But I would say hold about the same amount. I would definitely recommend

Finally getting to try the northshore mega max diapers a try. Time to put them through a grueling test. First impression soft and big.

Close enough. I have lost almost every paw print. Time for a change we don't need any leaks.

wet Abu littlepawz 

No changes till the pawz disappear. Have to thank @ABUDiapers for always keeping me protected. 🍼🚼

2 cases a dry24\7 and a case of @ABUDiapers littlepawz. I should be good for a few weeks.

ABDL diaper paci and disney 

Guess what movie I am watching today?

ABDL diaper 

Burr it's cold outside. Let's see how well this @ABUDiapers PeekABU keeps me warm

diaper m4 

I haven't worn abena M4 for so long. I forget how soft they are. To bad they clump. But they do make for some sexy padded butts.

Abu PeekABU diaper 

It's a gloomy, time for a @ABUDiapers PeekABU day. Wonder if the neighbors ever spy throgh my front window. I should get a sign that says "little boys must wear diapers

When you need a new popsocket and you just can't resist the abdl pride flag 😍

happy new year wet diaper 

Something's never change woke up wet and a little rip. Hope everyone has an amazing and padded year.

#abdl playing with toys 

Since it is 10 degrees outside means it is a perfect day to wear your ABU PeekABUS and play with all your new toys santa brought you.

Some end of week stats! 🔢

1,885 new users
4,153 active this week
5,866 users in total

103,938 interactions this week

54 patrons in total, pledging $265/month ($35 short of target)

~6 million web requests

Lots of littles who need changing (including me) 😂

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