Waking up to the smell and squishy feeling of these diapers has something enchanting. Especially if used for its intended purpose…

@William_Jr @littlebelgianprince since our grid is still intact. So the government has giving them over SEK 250 billion just to “help them out” to keep the bills at a tolerable level for the customers. And the companies will keep their billions after billions in profits while not helping out in our society which others are doing in these hard times. 😡

@William_Jr @littlebelgianprince One such examples over here is all of the electricity suppliers. The situation is going from bad to worse and despite our government trying to ease the increasing costs, the 🤬 greedy electricity companies don’t want to lose money so they’re very keen on cancelling contracts with customers that bound costs, as it would mean that they would loose to much in profit while blaming it on force majeure. A lawyer in the field said that it’s not being a valid reason

@William_Jr @littlebelgianprince Indeed, if they themselves dared being more transparent and motivating the reason being for the increase of their prices. If they don’t, it’s impossible to know if they actually need to do so or if they just: “hey, everything’s getting more expensive so let’s jack up the prices for no other reason than profiting.

If revealed that the latter reason is the case, as with other crooks doing same; boycotting would be a appropriate measure to taker as a customer.

@musicinmyarteries @littlebelgianprince
I don't think they are raising the price of diapers just to make a huge profit, ABU and Save Express have to keep the lights on just like you and me, and pay their employees, but it's not funny that the prices are going up. And it's really sad that there are many people who end up in debt just to live a normal life :(

@littlebelgianprince @William_Jr Of course they’re taking the opportunity to make even more money (than most people would consider reasonable) of a dire situation. When confronted, they blames the augmented prices on shortages and shipping issues while making a big profit at the same time!

Heck, even in our domestic food production the costs has been driven up waaaay more than necessary and our poorest citizens are rightfully worried about not having food on their table or other necessities. 😡

@littlebelgianprince Yeah it’s the same level of expensive at SaveExpress too. Hope things will improve so that the prices will at least drop back to normal.

Of course I also tried out the new crinklz buccaneer!
I like the print, but it is much like the first crinklz from back then. The patterns are quite big and random across the diaper and also spanning part of the wings. They start relatively thin, but swell up pretty good. Biggest downside ... the tapes. Unfortunately, crinklz still produces bad tapes that would slowly loosen or tear apart the plastic (not often, but it happens). All in all, like normal crinklz.
Still, they are super cute😁

From birdsite 

RT @tinybuddha
"Too many of us have tried to tone down our weirdness for friends or partners only to later learn that we were suppressing the best things about us. There's no joy like the joy of being your strange self and finding that there are people who love you for it." ~Boze Herrington

@support @Pikachu Thanks for your efforts! I wish both of you guys all the best and a lot of success in all of your endeavours! 🙏🏻

For my own part, I’m staying here hoping this cute little place will continue to grow and have a great future. ❤️

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