Lounging in the shared hallway of my apartment. Super casual!

Need another onesie that complements the shortall better, but a shortall is super neat to wear!

When you want ice cream, but you’re only allowed a single spoon. Turns out, one is enough to create a big mess!

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Blankie, new pajamas and a big diaper from yesterday, on my sofa and Netflix on the TV. Couldn’t be better!

Debating whether I should mess my diaper, though 🙈 What do you all think?

Happy new year! 🎊🎈
I’ve had way too many grown up drinks, and luckily, a diaper was waiting on my bed once I got home.

Since it’s finally Christmas and I’m too afraid to wear diapers at home during the holidays, you’ll have to see more old pics of me and big bro @Vikingdrengen 😍

I see big boys doing this all the time, so @Vikingdrengen and I had to as well!

What’s better than a diaper? A diaper friend, especially when it’s @Vikingdrengen

There were only adults on that plane... or so they thought ✈️

After having to walk outside my hotel room corridor for one minute (and being 1 second from being busted), @Vikingdrengen said I was to diaper up the next morning. The next morning, I was coincidentally traveling home. I loved it!

And of course I was randomly selected for inspection at the security checkpoint. Nothing major, but my face must’ve been so red when I had to pull up my shirt and reveal my diapers in front of everyone 🙈

First forced 24/7 weekend and the results after heavy usage (and thus being allowed to change)

First ABDL-themed diaper I bought myself. Felt like I was walking in only a diaper when walking home with that big 📦


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