So I ran out of storage space for padding as I had a couple of packs I don't usually pick to wear, so I put them all out on my bedside table and have been wearing continually since Wednesday. Have never worn for this long before, and I honestly thought I would be bored after the second day but have actually been enjoying the regular comfort. Now I'm wondering if I should at least make it a week 🤔


@james Haha. I was wearing since Wednesday too :P. I kinda wanted to wear almost full time in the first place. So I’m still wearing with breaks for cycling/running.
In my past experiences I had enough of diapers when I got a rash or when I had frequent leaks (1-3 months). Now I don’t have a job so... I won’t find another one for some time now so I’d rather enjoy myself and wear diapers. My only tip here is not to force yourself. Take a short break if you need it. Continue if you enjoy it :3.

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