I think I really need to move out abroad :|. Like seriously. Things will look nasty after yesterday’s vote. They were nasty before that and now? Polish government is on the edge of being able to completely reconfigure the law on their own. If they do - they will make this country even more racist and homophobic than it was before. And I? I think that I have very little time to make up my mind on which way I want to go and when I’m leaving.
Not posting because I can’t wear now. Cheers, I guess.

Another day, another Rearz. I keep spoiling myself because my Seni diaper order is still in packing process.

I ran out of medical diapers so... time to bring out the real stuff. I actually like these. A year ago I had a great time wearing with my friend @punkdl good memories :). In fact that’s the exact diaper he gave me one year ago :|. It was all dusty when I’ve picked it up. No kidding xD

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Ready for bed...

Really glad to be diapered because I've been running back and forth to potty all day thanks to my tummy

Wearing outside a lot is not that bad. I could get used to changing diapers while I’m away from home too :D

Lines in a ... diaper ??

I had too much Dream Theater today and I didn’t even listen to one whole song :P

Yay. Another Polish abdl website banned me :)
Why? Apparently I’m provoking arguments :|. I said that they should take care of fake profiles and spam. I also noted that the current website format doesn’t match the needs. They tried to copy what tumblr was. Imagine tumblr but every user is following every other user that exists. Yea.
I just said that I don’t want to post there anymore. It’s kinda upsetting because any valuable posts get lost in that pile of spam.
I guess I’m not wanted there.

One more because I didn’t do anything productive all day. Technically I did print some sheet music I didn’t practice it (I wouldn’t be able to play it right away anyway). Buuuut I did put Mickey and Dashie into the washing machine. So yeah. There you go. Whatever.

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