Pt 4 with more still to come :x

I finally got some boosters so I might as well use them. Wearing full time makes me act differently. I enjoy it. Totally would not work for people who wanna act all grown up. For me personally it gives a lot of... mental freedom. It calms me down and let’s me be better, but it also requires a lot of time to give these effects. So now without having any breaks for a month again, I feel nice.

Pt 3 from this weekend

Sometimes I wear the same diaper for quite a long time when it’s not getting totally wet. I haven’t drinking fluids enough past few days.

Diaper delivery day <3

You know what that means for this diapered butt.

24/7 at least until I use all of these diapers : )

I’m still wearing. But I’m also puzzled about what to do for many reasons. I don’t have the right mindset to post a lot of pics lately so, have some.

Shaved boyo. Not that I have anyone who would appreciate over 2 hour long effort to mow down the hair in the first place. But it was too much to handle during messy diaper changes :(

Thanks for the wishes everybody :3. I had a pretty nice day. With at least a few people making me feel all blushy. Actually, I had a good time. It’s been a while since I could really relax during my own birthday so I’m glad for that. Now... I should take off that stinky diaper :P.

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