Day off means I get to enjoy some padded little time today 😊

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The embarrassment of having to release an enema in front of all my hot friends from college.

Just woke up and threw this on to make stickies, if daddy lets me of course.

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New Post - Diapers at the Gym. And a massive thanks to @miamiabdl for permission to use his photos!

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@miamiabdl awe! You’re one of the littles who I saw online that made me more comfy exploring my littleness! 😋

One of my most popular tumblr posts. Figured it wouldn’t hurt anybody to toss it up on here. 😝

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@miamiabdl the man that inspired me to try diapers out 🤩

From the exact day I first showed my face on tumblr.

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Last tumblr photo. First post on here. Staying positive, hope the community is too and that we can build a new community here. 😊

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