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The always necessary peekaboo peek 😊
And don't let @sydneyabdl tell you that me wearing a full diapee makes me a baby cause that's not true or anything 😳

Trying out Little for Big diapers for the first time. They're expensive, but they hold a lot and they get really squishy and soggy :diaper_wet:

UPDATE 3: Got into my 2nd customized diaper after bath. This time a different diaper (Rearz Inspire Select). I love single tape diapers, but I noticed right away that the tapes would lose their grip like the previous diaper.

I got my super glue again and 'sealed my fate'. 😊 That resulted in not the best tape job, but it's firm.

Already wet on the picture but despite the lower absorbency still no leak.

I love these so much that I started a quest for diapers that are better suitable 😍 🧐

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I don’t use the word “full” lightly, but this diaper is FULL. 💁‍♂️

I bought a straitjacket!
It's really sturdy, snug and comfy,excellent quality too. The only problem is that the crotch straps are a bit too short. If I'm wearing a thick diaper, I can't fasten them properly

Wearing Crinklz again for the first time in what feels like forever. Not sure if I still like them

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