And this is how full it was when I got home. I knew PeekAbus are good, but I didn't expect them to hold that much

My best friend was celebrating his birthday, so we hit the bar. Nobody noticed that I was padded. Now I'm on my way home, and way too drunk. Hopefully it'll hold until I'm home


The whole school is rolling fake dice

You play stupid games you win stupid prizes ⚡️



Paci ✔ diaper ✔ onesie ✔ stuff animal/ rattle ✔ plus backwards hat ✔ for cool kid vibe.

I padded up, went to the grocery store, and had some fun when I returned home. It was nice. :diaper_wet: :dummy_blue:

Gotta love the old M4s. They may not be as thick and the tapes are permanent, but I can fill them all the way up to the back.

Another hotel bed saved by (even thicker) diapers. Only leaked a little bit. 😎

Trying out pink Northshores for the first time. Some of the comfiest diapers I've had. They also hold a ton.

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