Today is delivery day ! :diaper:

More diaper supplies to help me wait out the pandemic in style

"Thanks for letting me stay over this week-
I thought I would say 'Thank-You' by taking care of your laundry for you ... But I didn't know what to do with your 'special' things so I just left them on the bed for now

.... I didn't realize they made them so big, but I'm sure they look very cute on you"

Animal Crossing is essentially a cute little dress up game ... And I love it.

Today I'm living my schoolboy uniform fantasy

While the outside world is a little scary , I'm happy to know I'm fully stocked.

The potty hasn't been used here since early March, and I don't think I'm going to start again anytime soon

Good Boys should make sure to do all their chores at home 😁

Even if you don't use the potty you still have to clean it 🚽

This new animal Crossing game is EXACTLY what I need.

Going outside, being cute and having fun are in plentiful supply

And I can still visit all my friends 😁 ( all I need to do is hope a plane to their island )

Working from home can be a lot of fun if you know how to 'dress for success'

I hope everyone has been making the most of it πŸ˜‰

Things involving public venues are changing quite quickly because of COVID 19

The ROM is closed to the public as of today, we will either relocate or cancel this month's event,

I will provide details as soon as a plan is in place

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Weight loss Progress;

I'm often encouraged by my trainer to take progress pictures , but I'm not gonna share these with normies πŸ˜…

On the left is me last August - 251lbs
The right is me today - 229 lbs

When I look back it's actually amaaaaaaaziing 😍

My order from Babykins came in, and just in time!

Some of my plastic pants were really old and I need fresh new recruits keep my PJs extra dry

Got a second set of New PJs, just with a different print.

They still show off my night-night pants 😳

I love my sleeper , but I think 2 piece little pyjamas are underrated.

Need more of that cute peekage...
But be careful- if you show too much the other kids at the sleepover might see your night night pants 😳

I laid out my clothes again today -

I'm going on an adventure ! (To the hardware store)

Button pushing thing;

Having all my little stuff laid out- ready to go after I come back from the bath

I like my outfits being picked out for me (even if I'm the one that did it πŸ˜›)

Layering on the cloth diapers to make them T H I C C C C

Because if you can fit your pants over them, they're not thick enough.

Stripey shirt- messy hair- thick white diapers.

I'm having serious Little Boy feels and I feel Cute AF

Remember kids-

Oatmeal is a healthy part of your morning routine , make sure to make plenty and have it often.

About 2 cups or so should do the trick...

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