@dreamingdiapers inspired by a close call I had, but luckily it didn’t end the way this caption did!

@chwefror21 @Babykub thank you for the nice compliments. I have fun making these.

@Aarin0092 thank you! I don’t really have any more ideas so it might be a while before I make another.

Merry Christmas by the way!

@dreamingdiapers Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m happy a few people could enjoy it.

@dreamingdiapers I won’t lie. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

@TheLittleEngineer Thank you. I redid the underwear comic shortly after I tooted it here, but I didn’t want to toot it again as it’s not so different from before.

@4cdarth I’m sorry to say I can’t remember. They are one of my earliest abdl purchases.

That’s a good idea. I just hate when I wear shorts and get comments on my incredibly white, hairless legs, so I haven’t shaved them in a while. I totally agree with you though.

@katakyob Wow! Thank you for the compliment! You’re pretty darn cute yourself!

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