So a few weeks ago I had a new user message me asking if I could help them get their new “social network for ABDLs” up and running which is a little odd considering all the “selling points” of this new platform were things had been doing since day one. If they were doing something new or different I would have tried to offer some help in one way or another. I just said good luck and left it as that.

This turned into a longer post, read the rest here:

Petty drama 

Don't think I have been called "the Radical Far-Left Elite" before 😆

Also 2 years, they signed-up mid June 🙄

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Petty drama 

@james yeah, that person is pretty deeply mentally ill. Awhile back, they published an 80 page manifesto, outing about a dozen people, because they disagreed with them on another forum. They’ve also been kicked off almost every other ABDL website out there.


Petty drama 

@LittleTrainer @james The best way to deal with toxic people is to keep as far away as possible from them. Thank you, @james , for doing just that. 🙅‍♂️☠

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