So a few weeks ago I had a new user message me asking if I could help them get their new “social network for ABDLs” up and running which is a little odd considering all the “selling points” of this new platform were things had been doing since day one. If they were doing something new or different I would have tried to offer some help in one way or another. I just said good luck and left it as that.

This turned into a longer post, read the rest here:

Petty drama 

Don't think I have been called "the Radical Far-Left Elite" before 😆

Also 2 years, they signed-up mid June 🙄

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Petty drama 

@james I suspect that the person lives in the US, where "far left radical elite" has a different meaning than anywhere else in the world. I the last 3 or 4 years, it has come to mean anyone who is for common decency and inclusion and against racism. 😐

Petty drama 

@mHabdl @james tbh it is basically anyone against their political standpoint on certain issues despite agreeing on others. all they see is if you agree with this, you are the left and is evil

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