I'm a diaper show off again today. Going around the house in my Rearz Safari.

Happy Easter/Passover/Ramadan ! 🔅

Poopies at the museum 

A couple of weekends ago I went to the Musée de la civilisation in Québec (the city). Besides interesting expositions on Pompeii and the history of the First Nations of Québec (the province), there was a surprisingly fascinating one called Ô merde! Everything you ever wanted to know about poop...and then some.



It's nice once in awhile to have a cute little poopy in your morning night diaper instead of the usual big toxic dump. 💩🚼

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US warning: targeted killings and kidnappings in invasion of Ukraine - also of LGBTI (21.02.2022)



Are there (maybe queer/LGBT) people in the ABDL-group who have fled from Ukraine and need help?

Or someone who is (still) there and would like to talk about the situation on site?

Canadian politics 

Just watching the police forces clearing the protesters away from parliament hill. This started last night and continued overnight. Can't help thinking that there must be a lot of wet and poopy pants among the protesters. The police, I think, diaper up for these kinds of operatons. 🚼

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Thoughts on shaving my head?

Happy New Year to all the New Year's babies and their daddies! 🎉🚼

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capitalism / Dear Santa 

Dear Santa,

I was a good boy this year...really! I'd love it if you got me any of these things:

Fully automated luxury gay space communism (not the book, the actual thing)

A general strike

More unionized workplaces

A union at my workplace, maybe?

If you can't get me any of those things, I would like footed pajamas with actual superheroes on them, like public defenders or nurses or something.

Thanks! Merry Christmas!

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Now if I had to tell you what diapers mean to me and what I feel when I wear them, this is best I can do... 😊❤️🤗

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@megamindfreak I’ve been to a local pride. It was okay this time but the last one 2 years ago was war. No kidding there. I already posted about it when it happened back then. I was stressed because of it and well. My work sucks :). I don’t do what I love and I don’t earn much. Not a good combo. I still do some amateur cycling training and gaming after work. It was hard to get a good sleep last week. And I’m obviously lonely as there is nobody wanting to interact with me irl.

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I love my big chunky cloth diaper when it's stuffed with a terry square

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RT @TheWerelizard@twitter.com

So @IKEA@twitter.com has come out in support of equal marriage here and they're using Blahaj to advertise their support :)

Blahaj is canonically LGBT+ friendly

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheWerelizard/stat

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