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There dragons on my butt, even a green one. πŸ™„ had to say that coz some people get dragons and cows mixed up

last few now, been kinda cool tying all the different diapers again.

Tend to get Tena, Crinklz and Tykables the most

little nappy leak at breakfast, 😞 had to change out of pj's.

all cleaned up πŸ˜„ , just have to get dressed now.

it's been nappy and t-shirt kinda weather the past few days.

I have notised there are less diaper changes when it's hot... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ weird

been in the garden last few days. it's like a wild forest out there.

also been using up all my "last of type" diapers. forgot how crinkly theses ones are

😁 made a super simple diaper dispenser from cardboard.. kinda works allright

ah nuning low! got 25 and think that last one counts as a half

Still lots of choces though. I have a habit of saving the last nappy of each pack.

Was a Cold morning, just me waiting for the bath.

I did take diaper off before bath although it does not look like it, butt did have a Pampers size 7 as a booster.

big fluffy diaper butt today... only problem all my clothes that fit are in the wash.. guess am staying in my sleeper for a while :D

1 and 2 Smedium, 3 and 4 medium ... after lots of pawz gone missing This concludes the experiment, Smedium FTW

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Testing out the ABU diaper sizes. Starting with small... hmm bit too small, Now I have to wait till all the aliens go bye bye to continue the experiment.

was meant to be going for a nappy change... but accidentally build a boat instead :P

Just had a little relaxing week off with a friend. lots of Nintendo Switch and a few movies. πŸ™„ had to be in a nappy the whole time though.

it's weird sleeping in a different place, but having something familiar with me helps 😊

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