@DiaperBoyDenver just a 1ltr wide mouth water bottle and a standard nuk nipple. The lid (that holds nipple) and handle are 3d printed.. so not 100% food safe

time to get up for breakfast πŸ˜‹ .. nappy change not needed :P

@Drynites888 oh sowwy, I can share.. but not allowed to have friends over 😞

@diaper_tristan πŸ€” maybe if you run around in circles it would cut the tree down then your free!

opps.. nappy got all big somehow πŸ˜…

but all changed now and even got pj's on just gotta stay dry until bed time 😬

@mikki Happy birthday, hope you have a nice Little Safari day 🐼 🦁 πŸ¦’ πŸ¦“ πŸ¦› 🐡 🦜

@Kitty_Sam πŸ˜„ samesies

Detective Flips Flipperton is the coolest

@littlehuskypuppy thanks, not used them much yet. Got them from thedottydiapercompany.co.uk

was meant to be getting stuff ready for Christmas.. but one last present arrived and it was for my butt πŸ˜„

hope everyone has a nice time

for me it's back to the difficult decision.. I can only bring one 😞

@Hampshirebaby so far they are the best of that type i have tried. πŸ˜„ I just thought they looked so cool so had to get them

But with 40usd shipping, prob not worth it. Though somehow I did not have to pay any import charges

@thatbabyboy uh-huh comfy cozy. But breakfast pizza was waiting... πŸ€” or was it lunch, did sleep in a little long

πŸ₯±... guess I should get dressed and stuff .. prob a Diaper change too

@CodyDubois πŸ€” unless it's a Spinosaurus, they good swimmers

@CodyDubois uh-huh gotta keep the dino's safe and dry 😊

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