I have double diapered before and ends up leaking sooner than if it was just one one.

Next I tryed pampers size 8 as a booster, kinda worked but only with lots of cuts in the backing.. and ends up with lots of gel stuff everywhere.

so finally tried a proper one "Tykables Dubbler Booster Pads" , very expensive but definitively work , and no leaks.. only problem nappy falling down a bit

@lowstar I made the same experience with double diapers ... while the bulk is great, the wetness doesn't distribute very good in the outer nappy and often starts leaking.

Tykes dubblers are awesome! They take up so much, and no leakies ;)
And for the falling down ... a onesie helps with that😜

@BlueStar onesie for sure helps, but still waddling a bit with nappy that big. all fun though 😄

@lowstar Hehe, walking with nappy and dubbler sure is not possible, but waddling around is such a nice feeling😀

@BlueStar @lowstar it's a good idea to floof your diapers and doublers before you change. It really helps with the wicking.

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