@lowstar My, my, you were really eager to unpack that box! Not to mention the lollipop 😂 But be careful with a knife honey!
Oopsie... But it's just a little leak. 🤗 And now you have all the diapers to change to ❤️

@fussy_fox 😁 lollipop was the main target.

yeah leaks happens to all sometimes, but quick change and all better 😄

@lowstar haha, I can't blame you! 😂 Although the stickies were super cute too! I wish I'd order some proper ABDL stuff, but I'm just too paranoid if someone somewhere finds out 😳 Ordering normal diapers I can somehow explain, but not really big poofy ones with cartoon animals 😳

Yup, that's just the occupational hazard here 😂

@fussy_fox yeah more stickers are cool too, even got some I did not have.

The big colorful ones are fun, but medical ones work super good too.

Would be a hard thing to explain why your diaper has got Dinosaurs on it. but the question has never come up yet

@lowstar Some of them are super cute, and I love looking cute! Can't get that from a boring old Tena.

Maybe one day I'll finally do it. Hope the customs won't check them though, I had a few run-ins with them with regular packages 🙄

@fussy_fox @lowstar How come that you have trouble with customs? Poland is member of EU. Free traffic of people and goods?

@chwefror21 @lowstar it was for USA orders. Are there good EU sources? It's probably double important now, I don't really want to wait 3 months for the delivery 😂 I'm still worried there'd be a routine random check or something... But it's just probably me being overly anxious 😥

@fussy_fox @chwefror21 @lowstar Can´t say anything for diapers, since I never got them from the US ... but for the onesies, they came from Australia, and the customs had me give them explanations about the content ... I just send them the order invoice from ODU, with the pictures of the onesie, because I honestly don´t care about them knowing😂

@BlueStar @fussy_fox @lowstar Or else franceabdl, diaperheroes or abdlfactory. The are France, Belgium and Netherlands based.

@BlueStar @chwefror21 @lowstar I know, I know... But I'm still really worried. 😟 It's just how I am, I think. I really try to hide the little side of me, and I don't know what I'd do if someone knew. It's a psychological issue. 😟

@fussy_fox @BlueStar @chwefror21 @lowstar Don't worry about it, I think a lot of us are "hiding" our little side *hugs*

@fussy_fox @thatbabyboy @BlueStar @lowstar Don’t worry, be who you are. But yes I know the worries 😬 Hugs 🤗🤗

@fussy_fox @chwefror21 @lowstar Yes, don´t worry ... We all are a bit like that. I gets easier with time.

Some good stuff there @lowstar 😁

@fussy_fox some advice I've heard before (not that I've been caught) is to just say that you need to wear them for a bit for medical reasons and if your going to have wear them you might as well wear something with a funny design instead of wearing the same ones "old people" wear (I think pretty much any non-ABDL this of adult diapers as those pull-up depends)

@thatbabyboy @lowstar thanks! It may be a good explanation... And it's only half-not-true. I do sometimes need to wear 😳 I have something like IBS (I never got properly diagnosed), and well... At times when I'm not sure I'll be able to find a toilet quick I do use diapers. There was sure a time where it made me escape a nasty accident 😳

@lowstar @fussy_fox ABUUniverse? I also got some lollipops once with them 😋

@chwefror21 yep love ordering from ABUniverse, they give you lollipops

@chwefror21 yep yep stickers too, they are everywhere at my place.

have some ABU ones on a water bottle.. friend was over took a picture of the bottle and asked where I got the stickers

oh 🐳, still not sure If I have been found out

@chwefror21 maybe they found out I order cute diapers. either way has not changed anything

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