hmm think my Cloth diapers are a bit big was a little struggle getting dressed by myself.

been playing with trains and Lego and Dinosaurs where taking over the train tracks.

but we all working it out and watch cartoons in the end

@lowstar great terry nappy. I love the kite fold. Do generally need a bigger size of plastic pants.

@lowstar You look so cute in your terrycloth diaper with a snappi fastener and transparent baby pants. ☺

@mHabdl 😄 thanks. finally tried proper terrycloth gotta say works good. find it hard to tell when am too wet though also A bit too bulky, maybe one layer next time.

Actual missed a delivery coz was struggling to put trousers on, apart from onesies, shortalls was the only thing that fit

@Hampshirebaby @lowstar True. Big and bulky is good at night. Snap-on or velcro fitted or pocket diapers make good daytime diapers and have about the same bulk as M4s, but may not last as long between changes. That's okay for me - I don't mind because the snaps or velcro make the changes super fast and easy. ☺

@lowstar Yes it looks like it would be great as a nice thick night diaper. For day use, if you prefer a thinner diaper, one layer may work well. Anyway, you look super cute and very babyish in it! ☺

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