Have to hide my little room for a bit. kinda hidden now, just don't look in anything :P

Also found a few diapers like this Magnifico but it got too heavy started falling down 😂

@lowstar hehe, nice transformation. that diaper looks interesting, I've never seen one like that before.

@thatbabyboy yeah the Magnifico are cool they got stretchy sides oh and Dinos

@lowstar how do they feel? they look super comfy but wouldn't last long.

@thatbabyboy yep they are comfy, sorta hug you when you move.

They hold a alright amount, just got a bit loose for me and started leaking.

not sure I would order a pack because of this though.. maybe if there was a stronger side stretchy's or a smaller size

@lowstar well, those 2 big dino plushies are gonna raise some eyebrows.

@dreamingdiapers hmm you might be right, but one is too big(Mike) to hide and need the other one(Spike) for sleepy time

@WetCountryBro just a regular poster with some green hangers both from UKPosters

@lowstar that almost looks like a changing table? (and that magnifico is a size too big for you I think!)

@bambinod yep makes a nice changing table, amazing what you can do with a few things from Ikea.

Magnifico not come in smaller, but did fit a bit better before I had to re-tape when they got too heavy

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