got a new kiddy cup (might need new diaper too), don't know why but I prefer this kind. plus this one got a space rocket on it :D

Hmm 🤔 silly diaper not do it's job. Oh well gotta go change now

Well that's my little sleepover all done, was a fun week. last day made a Pikachu and a Yoshi, there was a nappy change followed by a few drinks (I got apple), then we finished colouring see :D

Peekabu it's Morning!! oh err well a soggy afternoon anyway :P

Been a fun week so far, We just been playing inside most the time. oh oh and yep got the new Little Rawrs too :D

okay now gota go bye bye's.

almost ready for bedtime even got a dry diaper :D ... just gotta brush teeth and find pajama bottoms.

wow these Cuddlz nappies are so so loud, very little chance of being discreet around others.

When in his natural habitat, this is a rare sight, A dry diaper. don't be fooled though this will not last too long

This is Spike - Ruler of the bed, Receiver of the cuddles

pictures from a few days ago, got a guest staying over so have to be big boy for little while, still got diapers for bedtime but 🤫

diaper and t-shirt weather again.. gota remembered to put shorts on when outside playing

ahh opps nappy bit too soggy again, slept in this morning, but that ok weekend off :D

emm ok ... was maybe kinda sorta a little tiny bit wet before sleepy time.

but diaper still not leak so ... 😅 it's all good :P

yay finally propper shorts and t-shirt weather, nice dry diaper too oh err wait 🤔 ... ... mostly dry :P

😴 busy busy day. Think it time for a nap.. then pizza 😁

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