time to get up for breakfast πŸ˜‹ .. nappy change not needed :P

opps.. nappy got all big somehow πŸ˜…

but all changed now and even got pj's on just gotta stay dry until bed time 😬

was meant to be getting stuff ready for Christmas.. but one last present arrived and it was for my butt πŸ˜„

hope everyone has a nice time

for me it's back to the difficult decision.. I can only bring one 😞

πŸ₯±... guess I should get dressed and stuff .. prob a Diaper change too

πŸ˜‘ not allowed pizza tonight ... but if all the house is clean by dinner time tomorrow I can have as much pizza as I want 😁.


I have double diapered before and ends up leaking sooner than if it was just one one.

Next I tryed pampers size 8 as a booster, kinda worked but only with lots of cuts in the backing.. and ends up with lots of gel stuff everywhere.

so finally tried a proper one "Tykables Dubbler Booster Pads" , very expensive but definitively work , and no leaks.. only problem nappy falling down a bit

nice! nappiesrus give you stickers now, oh and some gummy bears but mine disappeared

must have been real sleepy, woke up at 10am. looks like nappy held up allright

yay!! the other day I got a surprise delivery πŸ˜„

Chocolate! .... There knowone here to stop me and its πŸ˜… almost half gone :P

was a super cool thunder storm ⚑⚑ all last night. was relay angry sounding 😁. I counted 2 seconds

but today it's super dry and sunny.. too hot for me so guess it's just underwear for rest of the day.

:blobpeek: still sneaking around on here, and been padded lots too, just been kinda shy lately

oh 🐳, guess sleepy time now... probably need a change 1st though

opps, got a little distracted and only just changed from last nights nappy. lucky no leaks, all dry now thoughπŸ˜„

yay a big box arrived, so πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ made a noisy unboxing video

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