was a super cool thunder storm ⚡⚡ all last night. was relay angry sounding 😁. I counted 2 seconds

but today it's super dry and sunny.. too hot for me so guess it's just underwear for rest of the day.

:blobpeek: still sneaking around on here, and been padded lots too, just been kinda shy lately

oh 🐳, guess sleepy time now... probably need a change 1st though

opps, got a little distracted and only just changed from last nights nappy. lucky no leaks, all dry now though😄

yay a big box arrived, so 🤷‍♂️ made a noisy unboxing video

hmm think my Cloth diapers are a bit big was a little struggle getting dressed by myself.

been playing with trains and Lego and Dinosaurs where taking over the train tracks.

but we all working it out and watch cartoons in the end

Have to hide my little room for a bit. kinda hidden now, just don't look in anything :P

Also found a few diapers like this Magnifico but it got too heavy started falling down 😂

Got woken up super early by a helecopter. It had a big flashlight, was cool watching it light up stuff.

prob a good thing I was awake, nappy was not that Super Dry anymore

last few now, been kinda cool tying all the different diapers again.

Tend to get Tena, Crinklz and Tykables the most

little nappy leak at breakfast, 😞 had to change out of pj's.

all cleaned up 😄 , just have to get dressed now.

it's been nappy and t-shirt kinda weather the past few days.

I have notised there are less diaper changes when it's hot... 🤷‍♂️ weird

been in the garden last few days. it's like a wild forest out there.

also been using up all my "last of type" diapers. forgot how crinkly theses ones are

😁 made a super simple diaper dispenser from cardboard.. kinda works allright

ah nuning low! got 25 and think that last one counts as a half

Still lots of choces though. I have a habit of saving the last nappy of each pack.

lots of orange & blue and now there is stuff todo.

oh and heres a sneak preview

of course, it's dry and new.

its this nappy today that's true.

and a happy day to you.


Was a Cold morning, just me waiting for the bath.

I did take diaper off before bath although it does not look like it, butt did have a Pampers size 7 as a booster.

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