Just had a little relaxing week off with a friend. lots of Nintendo Switch and a few movies. πŸ™„ had to be in a nappy the whole time though.

it's weird sleeping in a different place, but having something familiar with me helps 😊

Hope you all have a awesome Christmas time.

am staying with family for Christmas, Ted is coming with me this time 😊

Most of the time it does not get to me, but today work + grumpy people = not a fun day. Much better now though

pizza, cartoons, coloring and kinda fell asleep for a bit too. oh emm might need a diaper change now.

huh weather getting colder? .. not seem to bother me much

wow there are so many dino diapers now. 😊 got a few of them Rearz ones.

anyway better get ready for sleepy time coz it's cold in here with just a diaper and socks on.

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