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Should I get:

Hey Bro,
Where are you going so early? The beach with your friends huh? I hope you remembered to pack a diaper bag. It could take two hours with this traffic and I know how you get on long car rides. Just to be safe, I'm gonna put you in a nighttime diaper. Can't have you leaking in the car again. Ill pack some extras in your diaper bag too. Don't worry, I'm sure Sandra will be happy to change you when you need it. And make sure to use plenty of sunblock. No one likes a whiny sun-burned baby.

Should I get:

Hey Stud,
Well you look all dressed up tonight. Heading out dancing with your friends? Hold up a minute, I need to check you before you leave. Come over here and drop your pants. Don't act all shy, I've seen your diapers so often now its a wonder I let you wear pants at all. Unless... just as I thought. Did you really think you were gonna get out of here without a diaper. What would happen if you wet yourself on the dance floor? Now go get your diaper bag. Tonight will be a night to remember.

I wish there was a better way to chat on here!

@abysitter does that luvs boat ever make it to Lake Michigan or Huron?

Hey Champ,
Look, I know you had a fun time at the office softball game. And I understand that you came home and crashed on the couch afterward. But this is the third time you've left a puddle after an impromptu nap on the furniture. From now on, I think its best to make sure you are wearing your diapers the second you get home from playing outside, not just at bedtime. That way you can nap anywhere carefree and I don't have to pay to get the couch cleaned...again. Now lets go get you changed.

@amsterdad Have you stumbled on any good hypnosis tracks for boys?

I legit accidentally wet my pants yesterday...oops - thankfully it was in my own house so no embarrassment there.

Anybody tried the Tykables puppers diapers yet?

It’s hard to say I’m a big boy when my diapey is this squishy 🙈🙊

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