Daddy says little boys are not allowed in the kitchen...but i just wanted to get some juice, so don’t tell him!

Update: my crocodile’s name is now Monsieur Croque...cause he’s French

Which are your favorite stuffies or favorite stuff to play with at play time? 👀

Hey guys, I have not been active for a couple of months, even though I have been producing new material I stopped from posting because I wanted to. Just wanted to keep you sorta updated; nowadays I have moved to a country that’s far away from where I was raised, and I have achieved a happiness I thought it was impossible to obtain. Creating content is not appealing to me at the moment but thank you so much to all of you who liked my entries and stuff.

🐻 🛩️ Not a day goes by when I don't think about my favoritest lil bro and soon-to-be-famous artist Tonio AKA @littletigertonio.

🕵️‍♂️ 🦕 Word on the street is he did a lil Q&A for @abysitter 's blog. Check it out!


This weekend is Father's Day here in Amsterdam and being the good little baby boy that he is, @littletigertonio made me this absolutely splendid Happy Father's Day card! He's a real artist, as is plain to see. Thanks, little tigre boy! Rowwrr!

My cute baby boy @littletigertonio is a true artist. And just for me, he made this wonderful painting of him and me. Schlafenzeit means Bed Time (did I mention he is fluent in German??) See Daddy reading a bed time story??

I really really want to get myself a new pair of cute pj’s but not sure where to look for ): any suggestions besides Leveret?

This book is definitely not child appropriate, but who’s gonna stop me?

(Don’t tell Daddy)

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