🐻 🛩️ Not a day goes by when I don't think about my favoritest lil bro and soon-to-be-famous artist Tonio AKA @littletigertonio.

🕵️‍♂️ 🦕 Word on the street is he did a lil Q&A for @abysitter 's blog. Check it out!


This weekend is Father's Day here in Amsterdam and being the good little baby boy that he is, @littletigertonio made me this absolutely splendid Happy Father's Day card! He's a real artist, as is plain to see. Thanks, little tigre boy! Rowwrr!

My cute baby boy @littletigertonio is a true artist. And just for me, he made this wonderful painting of him and me. Schlafenzeit means Bed Time (did I mention he is fluent in German??) See Daddy reading a bed time story??

I really really want to get myself a new pair of cute pj’s but not sure where to look for ): any suggestions besides Leveret?

Don’t you just hate when playtime is interrupted with diaper checks? *sigh*

This book is definitely not child appropriate, but who’s gonna stop me?

(Don’t tell Daddy)

Do you guys think they’ll notice at school that I’m still in nappies?

1st post:

We awe weady to go but none of us knows how to tie shoes. :(


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