I really really just want to find a caregiver/parental figure. :/

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Anyone else see a cute little photo and get tummy flutters or feel a little envious?

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ABDL / Ageplay / Pacifier 

This is what bullying and hate can do to people. Don’t judge people because they are different. I am however, also to blame, I accepted the words of bullies... Then I started to be a bully to myself. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t struggle with feeling negatively about myself. I look at others and think, “If only I looked like them, was as outgoing as them, or as gifted as them.”

It is a hard cycle to break.

By 10 I was trying to hide from my differences.
By 20 I was sure no one would love me.
By 30 I was convinced that I am inferior.

Just me after my bath this morning. No edits. Trying to get out of the habit of editing my selfies. This is me, like it or not, myself included! 👍

Sending everyone love and good vibes today! Remember, we are all beautiful and amazing!

Guided Roses:

Guided roses
Rusty thorns
Memories rise

The present fades
And tomorrow is lost
In cloud-grey yesterdays

Broken glass
A shattered vase
Sharpened tears
Happiness fades

All is lost
Or so it seems
When guided roses
Loose their sheen

- Joshy (Kyan)

I’m that bab type
Sit on Daddy’s lap type
Fill my pamps up full type
Never take that nap type
I’m a liiiiiiiittle guy


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I think I’m going to buy a ticket and just go somewhere random. Maybe I’ll come back, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll be a wizard in the woods, or a beach bum. *shrug*

The only thing I wish for lately when I make a wish is a caretaker. Maybe it’s desperate of me? Maybe even silly? However, having that feeling of being able to depend upon someone for love and security in a way most babies often need, is fearfully strong right now.

New ref sheet, new fursona, foxy times are go again! 🦊✨🐾🍼

Art by: twitter.com/pondpaws

My Twitter: twitter.com/LilKyanFox

My little fox shrine I put together tonight. I made the flags myself out of scrap paper and junk mail. I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been boosting and liking my poetry lately. :)

Thorn and Laurels:

Here I will sit in the darkness.
A fool king of thorn and laurels.
Tormenting silence,
Be put to slumber and rest.

- Kyan


I give myself to tempest and sea.
In terrible, contemptuous ire, it rides.
I cling to a single erstwhile thread.
Is it hope or is it the hope of an un-existence?

I know not...
And dare I might not to care.

Heavy are my bones.
Troubled my mind.
Broken my spirit.

I know not...
And dare I might not to care.

- Kyan

Had my EMDR therapy session today. It was mentally draining. It’s been uncomfortable, I find myself mulling over things and trying to not do the wrong things.

I’ve used my paci before when I have had TMJ problems and it does keep me from clenching teeth-on-teeth, and I am aware it’s not a mouth guard, but I can definitely see perks to it. Aside from that I really wish the states would legalize some form of cannabis for at least medical reasons. It has proved reliable for treating my anxiety and it’s fast acting in a pinch. It works better than any of my meds have, at least for me personally.

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