I’ve used my paci before when I have had TMJ problems and it does keep me from clenching teeth-on-teeth, and I am aware it’s not a mouth guard, but I can definitely see perks to it. Aside from that I really wish the states would legalize some form of cannabis for at least medical reasons. It has proved reliable for treating my anxiety and it’s fast acting in a pinch. It works better than any of my meds have, at least for me personally.

In my years I’ve learn to mask my anxiety and stress pretty well. I smoked cannabis recently and one of the things I learned was how tense I am. I realize I’m not always aware of it, other than feeing sore a lot, but I had to really focus to relax my muscles, even after my mind had calmed. I have also been having my TMJ act up lately, with bad headaches, and pain. Which is probably from me clenching my teeth when I sleep. So now I have another reason for paci training myself during sleepy times!

Sometimes you just need some cuddles, butt pats, and some praise for being a good boy.

I’m still a very tired boy, and my tummy is all upset this morning. 🤕

Maybe some of you can help me out. I’ve had this issue for a while where I will have the longing or desire to be little, however when it comes to acting on it I seemingly lose the motivation. Anyone else dealing with this or has dealt with this in the past?

Beyond being a baby, this is one of my other interests. I love me some sunny leaves!

Trying to relax after a stressful day. This nightlight is very cool.

When you see something little, and it makes you so sad your belly turns, because you want nothing more than to have that be your life. ☹️

I have got so many compliments on my shirt today. So I’ve decided wearing cute boy shirts are now a thing!

As always, have a magical day kiddos! Remember to be yourself, for you all are wonderful and special!

Sending love and warm wishes for your day kiddos! Be little, be great!

Gotta represent my team! This shirt makes me happy though. Now tell me I’m cute and pet me?!

I have those “need daddy” feels tonight. I hope someday I find someone. I just want to be Daddy’s little bunny. 🍼🧸🍪🐰

This is Stompy, he followed me home today... He didn’t have a home and had lost his way, so I gave him a hug and told him he could come live with me! As long as he didn’t tease me about my diapers... 🤐

I’m in the process of learning a hard lesson I feel. Don’t burn yourself out trying to make friends. Just take care of yourself, and with time there will be people you can call friends. I feel like while I’m genuinely nice to people, I spend a lot of energy trying to make new friends and be engaging. However, this doesn’t exactly mean people will want to be your friend. So I’m trying to be more relaxed about things.

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