When did nappiesrus stop selling Bambino’s? Dos anyone know where else I can get some

One thing I love is to have company when I’m being little as it validates who I am and my love for diapers, stuffies and pacifiers which I did, once, think was very weird

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Gorgeous adult baby girl Stefanie simply adores her "Space" design sposies. She is wearing double layer for extra padding. See more:


You know what confuses me, Why Pullups come in odd, Like in the UK for example, Drynites come in a packet of 9.

Earlier I saw Training pants that 23 in them.

What is up with that?

The best thing about being AB is knowing that your free to be young, baby like and never have to worry about running to the potty ever again.

As an AB and Diaper dependent, my adult babyhood is my way of sticking it to the adult world and turning back against adulthood because it's oppressive and regressive. Being an adult baby, I have more freedom to be young, carefree and babied forever. It's why adulthood sucks and adult babyhood RULES.

Does anyone agree for me that wearing diapers for a long time (consecutively over a few days) can ruin the magic as changing gets tedious?

(It’s the reason why I’ll never go 24/7)

When your stuffie and onesie kinda match it’s awesome. All I wish is that I had the diapers to go with it.

Anyone else find having a closet or draws full of diapers awesome?

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