✨✨✨ Question of the day ✨✨✨
Who do you think everyone should follow on this website?

@littlequestions There isn't any one person everybody should follow. Why would there be? If I had to pick one person, I agree with Donnie. James has done the one thing we should all be grateful for in creating this space to be ourselves. Everyone else just shows off or vents or shares or networks socially. So we contribute in a way, but none of us does anything that warrants being followed by everybody else.

@littlequestions Definitely @james because he’s fun, playful, and created this place for us to be ourselves. So many abdls feel safe and confident here. It’s a better and safer alternative than Tumblr or Twitter (In my opinion anyway.) We have a new online home here now and we have James and I’m sure a few others to thank for it! So if you guys haven’t yet, be sure to follow him!

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