Even though we were super cozy cuddling in my under my , was reminding me to not fall asleep before I put my on. He's such a good bear :)


Heya! Another Tumblr refugee has arrived, still learning the content warnings.. 😂 I wanted to give this site a shot because it was recommended a lot! I'm already really impressed with the mods and their hard work! I hope our community continues to grow from here!

Let's pull down your pjs for a quick diaper check, now turn around too so I can check your bum

ABDL diaper padded booty 

Padded booty 😛

How I "Netflix and chill" when I've let a cute puppy onto the couch 😈

I’ve always been interested in the duality of the lives we lead as ABDL’s, DL’s and kinksters etc in general. Thought I’d put together a comparison of 33 year old me, an executive in my workplace and the 6 month old me who needs to be diapered, pacified and nurtured and as much an important part of me as all the other facets of my life and interests. All lingering in the same being. I’d love to see other people’s comparisons too if people are as brave to share.


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