🚂 Me and Jelle were casually sitting on the train, when all of a sudden, a package appears out of nowhere, addressed to Jelle 📦 .

🧐 I wonder what’s in it?
You’d better open it and seen

🧣Ooh look! It’s a new bow tie from a friend in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 !

Doesn’t it look adorable on Jelle! And look how happy he looks with it on!

🧸 Such a dapper bear!

Did your bears get any new clothes or mysterious packages delivered to them?

It’s summer! (Well sort of!)

Me and Jelle took a trip to the beach one afternoon!
We were very busy with the bucket and spade building sandcastles, and afterwards we had an ice cream and watched the boats in the harbour.

I know it’s still not a normal year this year, but do you have summer plans?

Me and @jelle went for a bike ride the other day.

@jelle was convinced we were lost, even though I said I knew exactly where we were.

📍 We’re here!
🗺 *points at the map*

Jelle frowned, and studiously looked at the map anyway.

After he was happy we knew where we were going, we set off again for an afternoon of adventure and a well earned train ride home!

@jelle says it was a good thing I was padded last night. The sog monster paid me a visit during the night! Now I need changies...

I made some signs for abysitter’s new Q&A series. Here’s my one, why not take a look and answer one yourself?

Jelle is being very helpful with modelling the sign for me!

Thank you @littlealteran for the hoodie! Rawr! 🦖


Last week, me and @jelle did some drawing to make a sign for

Jelle is being helpful and looking after the colouring pencils for me, and making sure I stay in the lines.

What do you think of it?

Have you done any drawing lately?

@jelle wants to play hide and seek today.

He could be anywhere. Have you seen him?

On a lovely summer’s day, what better thing is there for a boy to do but take his teddy bear for a walk along the canal?

Jelle loved looking at all the activity going on in the water!

Have you taken your teddy bears anywhere?

It’s lockdown so have some pictures of @jelle.

Here he is back in 2019 on a visit to the Bluebell Railway in West Sussex, helping me to hold my ticket and looking out of the window.

You know, @jelle is a very wise bear.

Sometimes he likes to look out of the window and contemplate the universe.

Sometimes he likes to read.

Sometimes he reads to me.

What do your plushies like?

@jelle says the pull ups just aren’t good enough for me any more. Is fed up with wet sheets in the morning, and so am I!

So he got me a waterproof mattress cover and told me that it’s thick nappies for bed until I can keep them dry.

I had to do some chores today (like clean and lubricate my bikes to fix the squeaks), and Jelle (the ever wise bear) said I should be padded to prevent me having to dash in to the potty while I’m all dirty.

Good thing I did because by the time I was done I wasn’t so dry... 😳

Can you tell I’m padded under the jeans?

Here’s a teaser for you: which one is the before and which one is the after photo?

Jelle says now I can have a gold star ⭐️!

Are you being good this weekend?

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@Littleivo we also saw Alan Turing’s statue, and his teddy bear. He used to practice his lectures in front of the bear! Do you ever hear your littles or bigs talking to you?

Turing was one of the famous British minds in early computing. He pioneered a lot of the theory of computers, and is also something of a queer icon. He suffered under the oppressive homophobia of the time, but was officially pardoned a few years ago.

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@Littleivo it was very hot too. Luckily I had my own personal bear transport organised. But that didn’t stop us having a bit of fun! And ice cream!

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Me and @Littleivo went on an adventure at the weekend to a code breaking museum!

There was lots to see and do, and plenty of interesting and thought provoking exhibits

The buildings and grounds were beautiful in the summer light! It was an eclectic mix of Victorian and military architecture

I found a cartoon generator website that makes some pretty cute icons! What do you think?
I can even get @jelle in!

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