Hmm 🤔 so a package arrived today with about 6m (18ft) of brown packaging paper in it all in one length. What should I do with it?

Good morning every little, and not littles ! How’re We doing today?

Me and Jelle are just eating breakfast and making plans for the day 🧸 :diaper:

That wonderful moment where you wake up from a sweet dream, wrapped up in a snug onesie and diaper the sun streaming through your window, still cuddling your stuffie from when you went to sleep 😍

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Me and Jelle are obeying the rules for not going out.
But we want to go on an adventure!
So, we’re going on one with Paddington bear!
Have you read any good books lately?

@jelle awoof!!!
They are very comfy! As for absorbency, I’d guess there the same as the previous ones. I’ll let you know tomorrow!
Ivo and Jelle out!

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@jelle they fit just like the old ones too. Very soft and stretchy.
Here you can see the label at the front too

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Here you can see @jelle casually modelling one of the new designs.
The material feels about the same as the last design

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Since we’ve seen the front, let’s see the back. Notice that the rear label / indicator has been removed. Instead the tag is now on the front of the diaper.

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Now we can see the new designs. These are the fronts of the diapers. The new ones are a lot darker. The sports / stripes theme has been retained, I suppose that’s for the target audience!

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Opening up the package for the first time, the new ones look very similar to the old ones. There’s a white part at the bottom. Presumably to see if the diaper is wet or not

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As you can see compared to the last iteration of drynites it’s a lot darker. And a lot simpler. There’s less visual clutter. Probably to emphasise night time

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This is the new packaging. It’s pretty simple, has everything you need to know on it. Looks like they’re going for a dark mode!

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Earlier I said I Would do a side by side comparison of the new Drynites designs. This is that thread! :diaper:
Keep a look out for the odd puppy too 🐶 and teddy bear 🐻

I went out on my bike to do some essential shopping today. And also found the new style of drynites. So I got a couple of packs to try.

We might be having to work from home for a while, but @jelle is prepared.

He’s got a unicorn chocolate bar! He will have all the power!

Now, how to deal with a bear on a sugar high ?

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Sometimes a little guy just wants to be cute, pad up :diaper: , slip on a comfy onesie and cuddle his bear 🧸. And have some pup time.

Luckily @jelle doesn’t mind!

After ABU sorted out my order, I thought I’d try on one of my new size S/M Little Paws.

I may not have had too many paws left by morning

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