💤 What do you mean it’s time to get up? 💤
Ok. Me and @jelle will get up. But first, a nap.
This is how I use a diaper right?

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I spy with my little eye, something poking over the top of my belt!

I’ve got some new plastic pants from @diaperheroes. They’re so comfy! And keeping this little one dry on his travels.

Do you like wearing plastic pants?

A question for all the littles out there?

What’s your favourite day time diaper?

I’m looking for something to take on a day trip, and want it to last a long time and be comfortable.
I’m thinking something like Tykables or cloth backed pre schools...

Big: “Rise and shine little one”
Little me: “it’s so sunny...!”
Big: even better to go outside and play then!”
*goes to get changed...*

Did any littles get to go outside and play this weekend?

Good little activities for today:
- colouring ✏️ 🌈
- making brownies 🧁
- wearing my new onesies 👕
- fresh changies :diaper_wet:
- proper teddy bear supervision (and snuggles) 🧸

What else can I do today?

The last leg of this little one’s summer adventures around the highlands last year. Catching the sleeper train from Scotland.

It’s like stepping back in time on this train, and such a wonderful experience

What adventures have you been on over the summer?

Nappies packed, teddy bear in arm. Supply cup of juice and some snacks in the lunch box.

Me and Jelle are off for our latest train trip! This time, we’re off to the Peak District!

What are you doing with your stuffie today?

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What a great day out I had with my little, @Littleivo, and his friends @james and @spacetiger. I’m sure there will be plenty of tired littles who will sleep well tonight !

One nappy change later... @james ok maybe I’m not such a big boy. Good thing @spacetiger packed some spare padding!

Two littles have a mischievous look in their eyes as they spy a pile of logs

🎵 If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise 🎶

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Daddy: lets get you changed before we have any leaks, good job Daddy put spare nappies in the rucksack.
Me: but what if someone sees?!
Daddy: don't worry about that little one, the sooner we get you into a fresh nappy, the sooner you can go back to playing with @Littleivo

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Daddy: someone’s looking waddly, we’d better stop for a check.
Me: noooo Daddy, I don’t need changies!
Daddy: *pull down shorts* look at you, soggy little pup...

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Daddy: that’s not a climbing frame! Get down!
Me: @Littleivo bet I can beat you to the top!

⚠️ Do not climb timber stacks, they can be dangerous! We are trained professionals (just not potty trained) ⚠️

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Me: look Daddy, I’m a BAT! 🦇
Daddy: I think you missed out an ‘R’...

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Do you want to know the story behing Sag and Sog, two impish little pricks? 👻
Read it here: write.abdl.link/087orion/sag-a

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"I did have a personal milestone in 2018. I had my first crush! That would not have been possible if it weren't for my little side, coming out to myself, and the new friends I've made in this community. I feel like I'm going through what most people go through as teenagers! Oh well, better late than never. I think, if I hadn't been exploring my little side, I would probably still identify as asexual, but with a bias towards relationships with men.” - @Littleivo

Read: abysitter.blogspot.com/2019/06

All the little ones on here seem so well connected! So, I have a question - did anyone go to any pride events this year so far?
Does anyone know of any groups, (or virtual groups, e.g. on telegram) going to one that would be good to join?

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