what sut this baby buy next?
i have a few thing that wil be shipped soon(hopefully)
a new shortals from TodzillaABDL on etsy
new paci and clip from jaykaybaby
daipie magiccream from LittlesSupplyCo
abdl big babybottle from LilKotasShop

just got mine pacifier gag from etsy, it works good, daddy likes it too. next time he will also use a small chasitylockpad.

just got padded before goining to work.
in mine new delivery of tykables little raw.
only one pack this time. alry got a good stock of abdl daipies :blobpats:

this baby is almost 24/7 daipered 😇

just got a new paws onesies from onesiesdownunder realy love it.
the fabric feels good on mine skin,
perfect fit on size medium.

i tryed the monsters agian
now i whas carefull to put the tapes good.
also used some transparant tape.
it,s verry hot here 😖 it,s nice but too warm is no good for wearing daipies, it can better be around 15-20celius, i miss the colder season alrdy. 😅

so the new monsters i tested today, i don't like the tapes one broke :( llike the design tho. after the tape failure taped myshelf in a safarie. i want daddy to help me more. but we are bussy whit house hold and garden. it,s alot of working. now taking the weekend off relaxing a little bit. whit a bbq, and swimming in mine pool. if everything in the household and garden is done i will start building a crib. i am a very busy baby atm. also this baby is learning to drive a car.

today i finaly got mine delivery from treaded armor (super undies) these are awesome you can make them as thick as you want. i have 2 extra layers inside now. plus i am wearing tena ultimate . i have not testen them yet. i am not sure if the whut leak or not so better get a waterproof matras protector frist mabye :blobpats:

snuggeling whit mine husky in mine little keeper sleeper, it,s almost imposible to get it off whitout help from daddy.

i used the potty like a big boy at work.
i dont need daipies 😇

just got home from work.
been in this one for full 8hours.
it made it to the day just barely.
i tryed to hold it in becus i whas afraid it would leak. and it did leak when i finshed work.

got a new plushie today from ikea. went there today whit daddy. he changed me into some lil paws

me got mine shelf A new bottle and a case of lil paws. almost empty it in one go. only got to much air

changed at special kids school :blobpats:

sorry that i am not active alot.
got much going on.
work much and i will be moving to antoher house soon. togther whit daddy. so who knows if thats over i be on here more.

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