Took over the first boxes to my new house. 2 large and 3 medium uhaul boxes of padding. I think I have a problem, I need to wear them more often!

@littlegshep :3c I got that problem too. and I agree wear more!!!

@PuffButt your stash looks like mine. I'm usually the dad in the house, so it's not my headspace to get padded on a day-to-day basis.

@littlegshep I know that situation too well my SO is super little and I am her big almost every time so I just have to pad up when I can

@PuffButt I have three "kids" at the house, so yeah, not a lot of "little me" time :)

@littlegshep ;0; that sounds like such a cute house!!! :3c I always try and pad the big if there is one hehehehe

@PuffButt I do the little thing sometimes! Was just at a furry con and did this!

@littlegshep O: You got the dragon hat!!!!! such a cute puppy!!

@PuffButt *blush* got it the day they went on sale, just by chance, went to the warehouse up here in seattle the same day.

@PuffButt warehouse is great, a bunch of great ABDLs work there, always willing to let you look at stuff and always love their occasional free samples they give out.

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