Took a few pairs of a little puppies’ underwear this weekend that wants more reasons to be padded 24/7. If you don’t have undies, it’s gotta be padding!

Going to DC again next week. Anyone want to hang out?

Oh yeah, posted this over on twitter but forgot to post here. My work attire yesterday! (Working from home has its advantages) I also distract myself with modded Minecraft!

Heading to the DC area tomorrow for a few days!

Excited for BLFC tomorrow. Anyone heading to Reno for it?

I think for this week coming up, I'll be padded at least every day

Little kids never grow up, their toys get bigger and way more expensive.

Going on safari looking for that sog monster in the washer. It’s making my pants wet clearly!

San Jose next week, then San Jose again the week after for work. Would love to see if anyone is around to hang out after!

Ordered the Target Toy Store onesie. Hope it fits when it gets here!

Thank you everyone for all the follows! What would you guys like to see?

First day at the new job done. So much done!

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