2 days ago an interview with a ABDL / little has been released by a well-known Dutch show 'Spuiten en Slikken'. Just found this by accident.

I love how open-heartedly and down to earth Maxx's story tells his story. A beautiful depiction of our 'lifestyle' 🙏

@littlebelgianprince Wow, what a nice, open and daring testimony by Little Maxx. I couldn’t agree more, a beautiful depiction of what it’s like to be an ABDL. Thanks Maxx 👍

@littlebelgianprince Such a shame it doesn't come with English subtitles. Every ABDL should see this.

@amsterdad @littlebelgianprince the english auto generated was so bad but the video looked very honest and candid, the host very nonjudgemental

@davidc @littlebelgianprince That's certainly true! Open, candid and non-judgmental. If only it could be like that all the time, right?

@davidc @amsterdad Yeah, too bad there aren't subtitles.

If I had the time I would transcript it for you...

I remember him touching some very recognizable points in this interview;
- he discovering the community "i'm not alone"
- describing the different "niches" within abdl / little space...
- it's not a sexual fetish for everyone
- His parents caught him at 13yo, telling him he needs professional help
- After months; Himself and his parents accepting this little side

*how I remember it*

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