Got Diapered for coming home late from Party.
Daddy wasn't impressed

Finally back in a diaper! I’be been busy and working on some big goals. But I can never fully suppress my little side :baby_dummy:

had to change diaper at the train station... little bit too soggy somehow. not all bad though, the fire is gone now

Mommy knows best. She definitely knows how to send me off to littles’ dream land. Only thing Little Prince needs is his diaper, stuffie, binkie, bottle and his cosy onesie! And of course mommy’s arms to fall asleep in. 😴

Look at these blocks! I wanted to build the biggest tower I could but had to stop because mommy was ready to give me my bed time bottle. 🍼 I’m so proud! 🤩
Inspired by @Pitite_Camille !!

Peekabu little fella’s! It’s too hot in Belgium (40 °C / 104 °F) to wear onesies to bed. So I woke up with only a soggy diaper and of course my stuffie and binkie!

Remember littles, keep sipping from your bottles and wear a cap outside!

I’ve always been interested in the duality of the lives we lead as ABDL’s, DL’s and kinksters etc in general. Thought I’d put together a comparison of 33 year old me, an executive in my workplace and the 6 month old me who needs to be diapered, pacified and nurtured and as much an important part of me as all the other facets of my life and interests. All lingering in the same being. I’d love to see other people’s comparisons too if people are as brave to share.

:baby_dummy: It only happens rarely that I actually wake up for having to go potty - such as tonight. But when I do, I often don’t want to wake up mommy to ask for a change. So I end up with a wet diaper because I try to hold it for too long. But then she tells me I’m obviously not ready for potty training. 😔

Anyways, good morning little fellas!!

I found these cute pictures in my Tumblr concepts. From a time when I was too shy to upload them 😳 🙊

So about the Tykables Little Rawrs. Is it just me or is the absorbency less than advertised (6000 ml)?

Last night I was in them for the first time and this morning I woke up to a wet bed 😢 So I had leaked but I didn’t feel like pushing it to the limit.

It feels like other diapers in the same absorbency range perform better. What are your opinions or experiences?

@james so many nappies, for such a big boy !!!
*whispers..such a baby boy*

But mommyyy... you told me I could wear big kid clothes in the garden. But only socks doesn’t count!! 😩

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