Hard times? Sometimes, putting a cute diaper like this one can put a smile on my face. And makes it easier to attack the day!

I can't say I'm really shocked or feeling bad about it. But I'm in conflict with myself though.

I like to be in diapers, but I'm starting to think that if I don't do something soon, it wouldn't be safe to go somewhere without being diapered.

Last weekend I almost had a accident! We were on a trip to some place where I only had 1 drink! My bladder actually hurt so bad that it was a matter of a few minutes before peeing my pants. I can't remember the last time experiencing this.

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Just once a week in diapers on average
More home working
More time in diapers for fun
Less potty breaks, more dribbling instead of holding
When in big boy pants, more potty breaks than usual because weaker bladder?
Can’t sleep without diapers anymore because worried of bed wetting
Even more time in diapers because it’s actually more practical and safe
Bulkier diapers to counter leaks
Not a single night dry
Adding boosters compensating the heavy(ier) wetting

Mommy put me in bath to teach duckies how to swim!! 🐥 💦 For each duckie I get a candy!!!!!
Steamy bath makes video funny though 🙊

Browsing through some old pictures.
I think this one was from when I first tried my new pyjamas back in October last year. Which was a really rough period for me. Luckily I had some time to be little again, together with my supportive gf / mommy...
I look a bit chubby in here 😳

Quick poll! How much did this Covid crisis effect your little / diaper time?

Were you in little time / diapers...

Spend new years the best way I could, nice and comfy in PJs and my foxy diapee as a soggy little pup🦊

Happy new year, fellow littles and pups, and also all the big boys and girls out there😊

🤒 Sunday 11:54 and still in bed. Not my thing 😪
Not feeling well. So Bear is comforting me.
I love Bear 🐻

Thanks to @ibabycasper I just discovered that velcro tape Cushies existed! When was this, why didn't I know about them?

ABU, please make those again.

What diaper brand is your favorite?

If you could choose from only one brand, which one would you choose for day time use, and which one for night time?

🧐 I love ABU Kiddos for day time use, but at the same time Rearz Barnyards are my favorite night time diapers. Tough choice.

😱😍 *Heavy breathing*
When you just thought your diaper stack was perfectly balanced but Tykables announces world’s first 7,000 ml diaper.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to wear diapers more frequently!

Who else wants to try those new Tykables Camelot?!

I grabbed lunch being perfectly disguised as a big boy. Nobody can tell what's beneath. Except for the loud crinkles. And maybe the big bulge.

I've never been into sissyfication / feminization, but these diapers rock. And I do admit I like the prints ☺️

And I also admit I had fantasies before about going on a playdate at my friend's, having an accident and being put in his younger sister's diaper as they ofcourse didn't have boys diapers anymore. Anyone can relate?

When your gf decides you had enough big boy time, presses a pacifier between your lips and puts you in bath with some ducklings 🐥.

Mommy told me the rest of the night would be in diapers, a cute romper and a baby bottle with hot milk and honey, while laying in her lap watching a movie 🍿.

She knows me, I never (can) say no. That stuff makes me melt inside. She can read it off my face 😳🥰

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