The move was successful. 💜
I’m currently staying with my Unca Merle and my little sister Kuper. This weekend I’m going to my brobro @Cheeta’s house to check out apartments. I’m already in talks for a career type job in Pittsburgh, and it looks like I have a new home nailed down, just need to iron out the details.
I’m also currently enjoying my “post a picture or two every couple of weeks” model I’m currently following on here. That’s gonna continue for the foreseeable future. ^^

@littlebabydee @Cheeta Congrats!!! Happy to hear everything is working out for you.

@littlebabydee congrats on the successful move, Dee. and on all the other things in your latest update. :)🤗

@littlebabydee felicidades mi niño!!! Se te echa de menos!! 🥰🥰

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