When I am naughty Mummy sometimes uses my little Panda Paddle on me...it sure does sting....even though it looks cute and innocent.

Little Baby T Playing Videon Games

Another great commission from Baby T....and THIS is why us littles gotta wear diapers...too many fun things to do.

Little Baby T

For those who don't know not only am I a "Little" I am also an artist and I take commissions and am of course very AB friendly, feel free to contact me if you have a special commission in mind.

Tip of the Day:

On the theme of food, if you want to feel especially little, try spending a day or two on a real babyish diet! Make sure to eat only the sorts of foods a one-year-old would be fed: oatmeal, pudding, mashed potatoes or carrots, refried beans...and of course lots of milk and/or juice to make sure baby stays hydrated and keeps on wetting their . 😉

As long as you make sure to get enough calories and balance your food groups, you can be one happy, healthy baby!

I hope everyone remembered to write their letter to Santa

My old play room was so much fun...I am excited now that I am in a bigger house to re-make it.

Loving the new stickers from ABU

I'm definitely ordering more of the panda ones 🐼

Me in my old nursery room after a paddling for throwing a tantrum.

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