When I am naughty Mummy sometimes uses my little Panda Paddle on me...it sure does sting....even though it looks cute and innocent.

Little Baby T Playing Videon Games

Another great commission from Baby T....and THIS is why us littles gotta wear diapers...too many fun things to do.

Little Baby T

For those who don't know not only am I a "Little" I am also an artist and I take commissions and am of course very AB friendly, feel free to contact me if you have a special commission in mind.

Tip of the Day:

On the theme of food, if you want to feel especially little, try spending a day or two on a real babyish diet! Make sure to eat only the sorts of foods a one-year-old would be fed: oatmeal, pudding, mashed potatoes or carrots, refried beans...and of course lots of milk and/or juice to make sure baby stays hydrated and keeps on wetting their . 😉

As long as you make sure to get enough calories and balance your food groups, you can be one happy, healthy baby!

More Christmas fun...me playing with my Zombear....playing spanking like mummy does to me.

I hope everyone remembered to write their letter to Santa

A few Christmas eves ago...wearing big boy panties...unfortunately that did not last long.

My old play room was so much fun...I am excited now that I am in a bigger house to re-make it.

Old picture of my padded butt getting ready to go to the beach.

Loving the new stickers from ABU

I'm definitely ordering more of the panda ones 🐼

Me in my old nursery room after a paddling for throwing a tantrum.

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