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got my first vaccine... time to pad up and take a nap :)

Good length bike ride today. Now time to take a nap wiff protection so I don’t pee the couch

hey all probably going to wear again soon. finally got internet again so that big task is off my list and can get my place finally put together and then can relax into little space :)

Sorry the image is a bit blurry but this cabinet will make an excellent changing table

My new place has a laundry table that is just perfect to become a changing table. This little is so excited. Tomorrow is moving all the big stuff and sleeping there for the first time

Spending the rest of tonight packing stuff up. We got a home to rent :) move in date the weekend of the 20th of March :)

PSA when hollering out a window of your car at a pedestrian on the street whom is doing nothing wrong. Please be mindful that the person may be autistic or have other issues that your yelling could hurt them. Thanks

Been feeling really lonely lately well more and more over the past 6 months. I know people are busy but I feel like if im always contacting people then I'm probably annoying them in some way. IDK so i stopped messaging as often so maybe its my fault for my feeling of loneliness. I really don't know I just had to type something out. Sorry for this not being a happy post.

attention attention... I am a non potty trained puppy... that is all

wruff wruff :)

Pretty good start to the year. Biking and walking. Almost 10km per day and over an hour average each day so far. Trying to get back into being fit. Trying to be a cute little again.

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