My fiance and I hanging out at Folsom street fair in San Francisco :). We had an amazing time and met so many amazing people this weekend. Also so many cuties we agreed on hehe.

Used so much energy that this morning is a bit of a sad head day… but met a friendly couple with a dog named Hugo that came over and said hi and that helped so much. It’s nice when one is down and others are kind. Hope all you wonderful beings have an awesome day. You are beautiful

Had the best birthday ever!!! XD thank you to all the amazing people I saw again that knew me and thank you to all the wonderful people I met today as well! You all are amazing <3

Getting the yard ready for a future puppy. Hoping to train it to be a service dog.

Life has been lots better since moving into the new place. I feel less stressed and see a better world :) Also started following some positive people on twitch. I think I just needed a place with less consistent negative stimuli.

Cleaning listening to music and chewing on my passi. Good day so far

got my first vaccine... time to pad up and take a nap :)

Good length bike ride today. Now time to take a nap wiff protection so I don’t pee the couch

hey all probably going to wear again soon. finally got internet again so that big task is off my list and can get my place finally put together and then can relax into little space :)

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