Gots a giant bean bag filled with foam yesterday it’s really nice :)

My first full week of jogging and working out in a long time a full 7 days I’m so proud and excited I feel full of so much more energy and it makes me drink more water so more wet diapers hehe

relaxing after working out. Second day in a row hoping to make it a habit :)

night night kiddos sweet dreams. you all are awesome

Mohawk is gone :( can't wait to get it cut to one again.

Playing to much video games and becoming a night owl. I wants to hang out wiff friends so badly I miss my old life.

So much noise in my living area since everyone is forced to stay home. It is over stimming me and there is nothing I can do about it. I try to go on walks and I’m so stimulated that the road noise hurts. I miss living in a house.

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