attention attention... I am a non potty trained puppy... that is all

wruff wruff :)

Pretty good start to the year. Biking and walking. Almost 10km per day and over an hour average each day so far. Trying to get back into being fit. Trying to be a cute little again.

Messy bed head but got the side of my hair cleaned up yesterday :)

thinking about buzzing my hair. Been growing it out but it has been making my ears tickle and itch. maybe ill try growing it out when i feel comfortable going back to hair cut places so they can keep my ears okay

Hanging out with my teddy Sam while I’m wearing our last little paws. Probably time to order more :).

Another photo from yesterday out on the mountain. Was able to have a fun day and stayed completely aways from people.

Mr white tiger and I are out on a drive to the mountains. Pretend vacation for the day :)

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