looks like i need to wear pull-ups to bed because i may have woke up peeing the bed a bit.

Haven’t made a cake in years let alone decorate one, but made a cake for my boo’s birthday.

Trying to put a matress protector on a bed is hard even with buying the very large one. Made harder because I don’t sleep on a standard bed.

Great evening was playing games then started talking with a good friend :) then had dinner and then a baff then diaper time and now reading a book with mr. Wolf

Just got total war: war hammer II yesterday and am having lots of fun :) Have no idea what i am doing but love the way the game is set up

Had a dream I was with a bunch of littles and we were all in a cuddle pile it felt so comfy and safe and full of love i wanna go back to that dream or make it real.

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