Every year again unraveling the chain of lights is far too complicated.🤔

Wish you a merry christmas🎄 and a happy new year!🎆🎉

What are you looking at?😮

Don’t your know, real Astronauts wear diapers?😋

Who want to change a real astronauts diaper?

Wearing pull-ups at work today and like a big boy I'm almost completely clean😁
I hope you all have a good day?

Yesterday I really enjoyed my trip home with the rental car after a business trip.😀 👍

Which fashion style do you prefer? Louis Vuitton or Tykables? In the picture you can see my choice😀 😉

Had a great hike a few days ago in Italy. Of course I was padded and so I have some pictures taken during a break for you😎

The embarrassing moment you are diapered in front of your friends before bedtime.🙈 But luckily they all still wear diapers, too.


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