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I am in LOVE with these new tykables 😍🌈🌈

hmmmm how to start the day, m4, tena slip, or rearz princess

first diapee of the day(it's only a lil wet, i pwomise)

Think im going to start going diapered 24/7 starting this week. Will likely still avoid messing for the most part but im finding it harder and harder to hold my bladder. I have a lot of medical problems so it seems like it would be a lot easier. Any advice?


Would anyone be interested in purchasing custom content? I am in a right spot and need some cash quick. Content can be ABDL or other types. DM me. Price will be based on the type and amount of content requested.

double diapers, onesies, 

Double padded and I have already wet like 4 times and the outer diapee is showing no signs of being touched, it's gonna be a long time till changies i thinks

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