It's hard to feel big when you are crawling around in a thick soggy diaper, suckling a paci, and wearing a colorful onesie. It's even harder when you can SEE yourself in such a regressed state.

So THATS why Daddy put so many mirrors up in the house.

Happy Littles Pride Day!

Big bwo says iz not allowed in dis room but he goes in der for "Bizness" all the time. I fink he's jus playin games wifout me..*pouts*

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You looked in the mirror. Staring back at you was a boy in a fresh pink diaper decorated with cartoon rabbits. It peaked out from under a baby blue shirt decorated with bears that was almost certainly intended to be too short and to show off the adorable diaper underneath. Baby powder peaked just over the edge of the diaper having just been applied by the man in the other room. That man was your boyfriend and you were his baby boy. You couldn’t be happier.

"My my! You're nighttime diaper is soaked! Hop up on the changing table and I will be there to change you in a minute!" -Daddy

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Been feeling more like a 6-month old lately. Extra gurgly, extra needy, and extra soggy. Just extra little. I just want to be teased and to get uppies, cuddles, and changies.

This was the first time I tried SDKs. I felt so spacey and small. I just wanted to cuddle, and toddle, and snooze the day away. Do SDKs make anyone else feel exceptionally little?

Big Bro: You sure are waddly!
Me: Umm... Nuh uh!
Big Bro: Yes...yes you are. Come on! This mall has a changing table that's just the right size for you.


I was sure a happy boy when I got to change out of my wet diapee and into a fresh one. Specially cuz I got changed on a changing table big enough for me.

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