@MamaMagby my little buddy Titus sends his love to you and Chickpea. Its never easy to say goodbye to our furry family members.

Saw this making the rounds and thought i would take a chance. Like for more answers.

@BlueStar yeah it's funny when I play online with friends and they take potty breaks. No one ever asks why I never need to do the same

I was playing BlackOps Cold War and Rocket League

Did i finally buy some white tights and new one piece swimsuit then pad up and pose? Absolutely not 😊

These pics came out so well I had to share. Feeling rather submissive and sexy right now. Enjoy.

Ahh mich more comfy to work from home while padded. Love how cute Cushies are.

@Nix apparently yes. So far it seems a lot like the old year.

@thewetdoctor that's awesome. I stocked up a few months back when the PeekABUs came back in stock. So I'm good for awhile.

Everyday the world outside seems to be getting scarier and people are treating each other so horribly.
I want to believe that people are just scared but that they are letting it blind them into anger and hate.
Be kind to people. Respect others as you would want to gain their respect. Listen instead of talking for a minute...try to understand not just dismiss. Agree to disagree then find something to laugh about together.

@Nix i feel ya. The world is big scary place right now. 🤗

@littlewolf313 cool, me too. I haven't been playing recently due to being sick. But hopefully soon I will be well and can play again

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