Saw this making the rounds and thought i would take a chance. Like for more answers.

Did i finally buy some white tights and new one piece swimsuit then pad up and pose? Absolutely not ๐Ÿ˜Š

These pics came out so well I had to share. Feeling rather submissive and sexy right now. Enjoy.

Some recent diaper pics that have been shared on telegram but not here. The Little Paws is my current loadout. Playing CoD while padded saves potty breaks

Work from home today required preschool diapers. Trucks are my favorites. Though airplanes are pretty awesome too!

I managed to sneak a padding pic at work. Only a little but flooded. Got a few more hours to go before I can change.

So we are doing a little winter cleaning and I realized that we have a couple of stuffies that haven't been played with or loved for a few years. I was thinking of taking them to a donation but thought I would offer them up here to any Littles who would like to give them a home. No cost to you, I will even ship them within the US. You can have one or both. Message me or reply if you are interested.

It's been awhile since I've posted. Doing some chores around the house and the holidays are stressing me out. So it's a little day. Stitch is helping.

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