Saw this making the rounds and thought i would take a chance. Like for more answers.

Did i finally buy some white tights and new one piece swimsuit then pad up and pose? Absolutely not 😊

These pics came out so well I had to share. Feeling rather submissive and sexy right now. Enjoy.

Ahh mich more comfy to work from home while padded. Love how cute Cushies are.

Everyday the world outside seems to be getting scarier and people are treating each other so horribly.
I want to believe that people are just scared but that they are letting it blind them into anger and hate.
Be kind to people. Respect others as you would want to gain their respect. Listen instead of talking for a minute...try to understand not just dismiss. Agree to disagree then find something to laugh about together.

Some recent diaper pics that have been shared on telegram but not here. The Little Paws is my current loadout. Playing CoD while padded saves potty breaks

So we just decided that for our Halloween theme for our part of the office this year will be a slumber party. PJ, stuffies, blankets, s'mores and coco. It's literally going to be a littles party in my cubicle.

Work from home today required preschool diapers. Trucks are my favorites. Though airplanes are pretty awesome too!

Went for a padded drive up in the mountains today. Found an awesome spot to hike up and snag some pics.

Is anyone else struggling with anxiety during this crazy pandemic? I know I am, both mentally and physically. My world has been turned upside down, the industry I have worked in for 10 years may not survive and every morning I seem to wake up more scared than the day before. I want so badly for the world to look and feel like the same but obviously it never will. If anyone else out there is struggling, reach out to people for help. We are all in this together.

This social distancing thing is tough. Hard enough it seems to get out into the ABDL community and now we have to limit our time in the real world community. I hope everyone is staying healthy and surviving these difficult and strange times.

I managed to sneak a padding pic at work. Only a little but flooded. Got a few more hours to go before I can change.

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